Wednesday 25 May 2016

The CFSI – Training Centre for International Cooperation is an organisation dedicated to improving the knowledge and abilities of the individuals involved in international co-operation. The Centre offers training services, as well as creating networks and awareness designed to supply adequate tools to engage in international solidarity activities, while at the same time strengthening awareness and collaboration among individuals. The services offered by the Centre are open to all those who are active in community co-operation or interested in participating. The offer is particularly aimed at, but not limited to, the organised expressions of society such as Local Bodies, associations and Non-Government Organisations.



The CFSI proposes courses, workshops, seminars and other forms of learning about international co-operation, in accordance with the principle that knowledge is the fruit of processed and shared experience. The training aims first and foremost to develop awareness as regards the world we live in, with its complexity and its continuous changes, then going on to increase the awareness and the critical sense necessary to be active individuals in a community that is open on a global level. That is, going from awareness to action, with training aimed at professionalism: giving people the operational tools to make decisions, to optimise resources and to innovate as much within an organisation as within relations between various realities.


That is, designing the theoretical framework necessary for guiding the activity: understanding the general trends of co-operation, discovering the resources present within the territory and giving them some order, producing a critical and farsighted thought, discovering the needs of learning that are present but as yet unexpressed. It is the knowledge created with research that allows for quality training to be designed, in harmony with demand and keeping up with the times.



The centre facilitates meetings between people and private or public organisations and institutions involved in international solidarity. It encourages an exchange in terms of experiences, a comparison of practices and the co-ordination that is essential to ensure the effectiveness of international solidarity.

Creation of awareness

TCIC promotes awareness about the activities and themes associated with international solidarity by means of exhibitions, debates, meetings and other events. The Centre offers space and support for cultural proposals organised by third parties, as well as creating its own.




TCIC training values the active role of the participants. The type and subject matter of the training courses are established beginning from the needs that the participants / they express, and their contribution is fundamental in determining the contents that are produced in the classroom as well as the end result.


The network of organisations and people active in international solidarity has its own hoard of experience, abilities and knowledge. Facilitating meetings and dialogue between the holders of this patrimony is an effective way in which to enable reciprocal enrichment.


The particular characteristics of the local community constitute an invaluable resource for co-operation and a basis on which to found the activity. This means looking at one's own territory in order to identify its areas of excellence, its good practises that may serve as example and the institutions to be made into lead-players in the field of international solidarity. Uniting these elements in a profitable manner and making the fruits available to those who engage in solidarity is an important step towards co-operation between communities.