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The levels

Level 1: discovering and developing international solidarity

General frameworks and thematic developments that provide the essential basis for understanding the global world and the role that people and the territory play within the planetary scene. For example:

  • introduction to international solidarity
  • the history, evolution and action of development co-operation
  • globalisation and globality
  • the meaning of volunteer
  • workthematic and geographical developments

These courses are ideal for those who wish to approach international solidarity. For those who are already active, they are the right tools for keeping updated on international co-operation, the most important themes and the evolution of the debate on development.

Level 2: planning tools

Guidelines for improving the abilities of those who are engaged in solidarity initiatives.

Second level training concentrates on:

  • integrated planning of the local, national and international dimensions
  • territorial planning: how to include the innovation and change of a territory in development plans
  • coherent choice of plans and policies
  • building partnerships between local individuals

How are competences developed in these areas? The Centre offers two approaches for this level:

  • Contextualization: defining the peculiarities and objectives of our own organisation, understanding and interpreting the environment in which we are acting, coming to a precise understanding of the change we want to implement
  • Tools: what do we need to know how to do in order to come up with a good project and implement it in the best possible manner? How should we deal with the various phases of elaboration, from the idea to the selection of partners, the budget, the implementation, up to the assessment?

The abilities proposed are those considered to be fundamental for the figure of the planner, who deals with planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting.

Level 3: programming, planning and organisation

To go from planning to programming

The training focuses on the important abilities required for supporting and reinforcing action within the organisational context:

  • developments on the tools and methods of planning
  • organisational analysis
  • source management
  • research, training and innovation

Third level training also includes the specific themes of the Centre, offering knowledge, methods and thoughts on questions such as:

  • conflict management 
  • partnership
  • co-operation policies

Level three is aimed at those who deal with strategic planning and management, and those who manage resources with the objective of innovating, optimising, increasing efficiency and encouraging positive change.



Knowledge and experience 
Inter-dependency and reciprocity
Accompanying change
Consolidation and innovation


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